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Bishop on the Beat

Bishop Wille Riekkinen jumps into a police car during a Friday night shift and goes in search of his parishioners, who have not been attending his sermon on Sundays. What will he encounter in the alleyways during the shift? Are there signs of God to be found in the city, or will Satan himself be there to greet him? How does the city life appear to the Bishop, seen through the windows of a police car?

The very first call out of that Friday night gives the Bishop palpitations and his alarm is strikingly obvious. A drunken father is abusing his teenage son at the family home. The son's pleas for help can be heard through the closed door. The Bishop is immediately overcome by feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness. “Is this what it's all about?” Bishop Riekkinen asks police sergeant Eero Wetzell, when the situation is finally under control.

YLE/TV2. Scriptwriting, direction, editing and photography by Marko Kilpi. Production by Mediafactory Oy.

Born at Home


In today’s society, births and deaths occur inside the cavernous walls of faceless hospitals. They have turned into mysterious, faceless events that are carefully stage-managed by authorities and professionals.  

What would happen if someone wanted a more natural birth, outside an institution? They would immediately face powerful opposition, and few people would understand such a request. In 21st century Finland, giving birth at home is likened to a religious indiscretion. What does home birth actually mean, what is it all about? Could birth be something other than a medical event? Could it be a natural event where parents are in complete control, instead of handing over all responsibility to medical staff and surrendering completely to the system?

YLE/TV2 duration 28 minutes. Scriptwriting, direction, editing and photography by Marko Kilpi. Production by Mediafactory Oy.
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Landscape Gallery

A documentary about roadside art along Highway 5, between Varkaus and Sonkajärvi. The documentary follows the artists who created the works of art, and examines views and experiences that have arisen from their art practice. Erkki Soininen, in his capacity as the curator of a landscape gallery, outlines the content and significance of environmental art and even discusses some of the dangers that it has been perceived as creating. Includes work by artists Pekka Jylhä, Antero Toikka and Reijo Kela.

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Scriptwriting, direction, editing and photography by Marko Kilpi. Production by Mediafactory Oy.

The Last Road Race

The hot long summer reaches early autumn. Schools have already started, but the late summer sunshine tempts youngsters to go outside and enjoy themselves. On a Friday night, a car carrying four youngsters crashes fatally in a pine tree in the centre of the town. Three of the youngsters die, one is left seriously injured.

The case highlights a well-known phenomenon affecting young people - road racing - which is still claiming young lives year, after year. The documentary investigates the phenomenon and looks at the factors behind it; it also assesses the impacts and consequences of road racing. How can this phenomenon be curtailed? The victims’ friends speak touchingly about their own experiences and experts describe the seriousness and significance of the phenomenon.

The Last Road Race was viewed by an incredible 770,000 people on its first broadcast. When the programme was repeated on TV2 two days later, it attracted a total of 1.5 million viewers. It was nominated the official showcase programme of YLE (Finland’s national public broadcast company), and has been shown around the world at numerous film festivals.

YLE/TV2. Scriptwriting, direction, editing and photography by Marko Kilpi. Production by Mediafactory Oy.

Sword and Lion

Joiner, farmer and forest worker Erkki Keränen follows his wife Paula to Police School, and ends up making significant changes in his own life as a result.

The documentary follows Erkki’s progress during his studies and examines, moment by moment, the world of policing as it opens up to Erkki; seen with the earthy pragmatism and keenly observant eye of a forest worker and farmer .

YLE/TV2. Scriptwriting, direction, editing and photography by Marko Kilpi. Production by Mediafactory Oy.


Teaching and educational productions are plentiful and numerous efforts are completed every year. Several productions are currently in the planning and in production stages. Here are just a few examples of the teaching and educational videos:


A car crashes sidelong into a tree just a few hundred metres from the town centre. A young woman passenger is badly crushed in the wreckage of the car. Maria is an educational film that follows at close quarters the operation to save the young woman. Despite the crash taking place mid-morning, the young male driver is already under the influence of alcohol.

On a way home

Cyclist Jussi Kuustonen, who has just begun his first year at sixth form college, collides with a pedestrian on his way home from school. He hits his head on the asphalt, a serious brain injury which renders him quadriplegic. After ten years, Jussi still does not communicate and the greatest achievement of his continuous rehabilitation is considered to be that Jussi has just recently learned to swallow.

On a Journey is an educational film that considers the importance of using a cycling helmet, and how easily a person’s life can be shattered. Everything can change in the blink of an eye, completely out of the blue, in ordinary and familiar surroundings. Even on the way home from college.


Search is an educational film that considers how the police undertake their official duties on land, at sea and in the air, 24/7, whenever their help is called for. The film follows the search for a fisherman lost in the waterways; the area to cover is broad, islands are dotted everywhere, difficult terrain is the order of the day and police resources are insufficient. What happens next?

The Police School

An introductory film that introduces the basic principles, environment and prerequisites of Finnish police training.