An author and policeman from Kuopio. Marko is a father of four, who considers his children to be his greatest achievement. Marko is a senior officer in charge of alarm and monitoring activities at Pohjois-Savo Police Station. His leisure time is largely taken up by writing. Marko does not have much time left over for other leisure activities, but when he does it is spent flying model planes, motorcycling, boating and making music. A varied programme of sporting activities, which play such an important role in of Marko’s personal life, is equally relevant to his working life.



elavien_kirjoihin_kansi.jpgCrime novels – Frozen Roses, The Lost and in spring 2011, Among the Living. The children’s book Konstaapeli Kontio ja näkymätön vaara (Constable Kontio and the Hidden Danger) was published in autumn 2010. Marko’s past provides script material for all kinds of purposes, such as advertisements, documentaries and films.

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ristit.jpgDocumentary productions, teaching and educational programmes, and even a few corporate and product presentation films. The latest documentary film, Piispaa kyydissä (Bishop on the beat), features bishop Wille Riekkinen getting into a police car during a Friday night shift and trawling the streets and alleyways of the city in the safety of a Black Maria. Samples of the production in the Film Clips section.


whocareslimittin.jpgA founding member of the Who Cares operation and ideology. Who Cares is a community action environment, which promotes all kinds of activity that makes neighbourhoods safer and healthier to live in. The main objective is to quash people’s indifference.

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